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Welcome!! My name is Saige Lawrence. I’m a traveling photographer based in northeastern Indiana! I know you want to hold on to every minute of every moment because time flies by too fast. Thankfully, I’m here to capture all of your unique moments to be able to look back on years & years later. As time goes on, our memories may start to fade with time, but we have photos and picture albums to let us look back and remind us of those precious days. I want to do that for you (future you will thank you!;))




I will photograph your wedding for free if you're eloping to any of the listed areas!


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this time in your life is so important

A photographer is more than just hiring a person with a camera. A photographer is dedicated to capturing your moments to keep forever. A photographer spends hours making them perfectly timeless for you & your family to hang on your walls, to scrapbook & to keep forever to show your kids. They capture photos you can look back at & relive the memories through. You may say, “I’ll just take photos on my phone.” Sure! But what’s missing? You! When you’re taking the photos, you aren’t IN the photos!

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email : info@photographbysaige.com

instagram : @photographbysaige

facebook : Photograph by Saige


Need me at your favorite spot? Check out my "investment" tab to get a quote for travel admission if your wanted location is over an hour away from Decatur, IN! Feel free to contact me personally (especially if we're flying!). Take me anywhere with you!