Why picking the right photographer for you is so important

There's so much more than just picking a photographer, so make sure you read to the bottom of the page! It's worth it :) It's picking a photographer who is also someone you have learned to know, become your friend, can absolutely trust, & be your biggest hype woman!! This day is all about YOU & YOUR FIANCE. Besides your significant other, as your photographer, I will be with you ALL. DAY. So you want to pick someone who you vibe with, who you get along with, a friend you can trust to make sure everything goes as easy as possible for you. Picking a photographer to capture these timeless, priceless memories is so important. Someone who will not only capture memories, but what those memories feel like through a photo. Someone who is there to not only be your photographer, but also your friend. A friend who is there to help calm the nervousness before you walk down the aisle, to hold your dress while walking, encouraging & supporting you throughout the day. A friend who is here to help you through every. single. step. until your big day & even after! I'm here to be that for you!

How booking with me works!

A 25% deposit, Indiana sales tax (7%) & signed contract are required to set your date in my books! You will receive sneak peeks of your big day within 48 hours. Your full gallery will be back in 5-6 weeks. I offer 3 different packages for 6, 8 & 10 hour coverage, I will send you a PDF of my wedding packages in detail when I message you after I receive your inquiry! If you are inquiring for an elopement or a micro wedding, we will get you a personalized quote! NOW TO THE GOOD STUFF!

I'll guide you through the entire process

For most, this is the first wedding you are planning & all you can think is, WHERE DO I START?! A big portion of my job is to not only capture your memories, but to help guide you to make planning your wedding more simple & less complicated! So where do you start? When we book your I Do's together, we will go more into depth & corelate everything to fit your day best... but here's the basics!


Book the photographer that hits your sweet spot! (hopefully that's me!) Shoot me an inquiry so we can get to know each other, along with what your big day is all about, & you & your fiancé's love story! (Probably my favorite part!) We will hop onto a call to get to know each other & make sure we are the perfect fit for each other! Then we will discuss what package fits best for you & your day. I'm here to answer all of the questions, concerns, advice that you may have/need! Once we've figured out we will work absolutely amazing together & you're 100% ready, I will get you in my books!!!


We will pick out a package that works best for your day out of the 3 packages I offer. YAY! You're in my books which that means we are officially working together after the contract & deposit are signed, sent & squared away! The contract will be personalized just for you to fit your day! I offer an online contract or a paper contract, whichever fits your liking best! The deposit is 25% down payment of whichever package you & your fiance picked! 


How exciting! Now that we are official, time for some free photos as a little wedding gift from me to you! Depending on when your wedding is or you're a sucker for a specific season, I'll get your session booked accordingly! These are perfect for save the dates or just in general photos to decorate your home with! This is also a perfect time to get to know each other even better!


This is definitely a big thing & I'm not going to lie, probably the most stressful part... but it doesn't have to be! I know this is probably a first time thing for you & your fiancé but that's okay! I've done this a time or two to know how to help you the best way ;) We will put together your timeline together to figure out what will be best to have your day running as smooth as possible!


As your wedding day gets closer, everything becomes finalized & put into place. We rehearse the coming days before & we make sure everything is ready to go! We will hop onto a zoom call to run over everything & make sure it's perfect on both ends! At this point, we will a timeline set in place, a detailed list of it all & everything in between!


IT'S FINALLY HERE! All of the planning, time & effort is paid off... now it's time to get hitched & have the best day of your life! Remember to bring everything in. You don't want to miss it! It's time for you to have a blast & marry your favorite person. As far as me, it's time for me photograph every memory, every hand hold, every tear, every gaze... absolutely everything! I will send out 50+ sneak peeks within 24 hours so you don't have to anticipate seeing them, instead you'll get to view your sneak peeks on your honeymoon!!

The best day of your life

Photos are a gift. Something we may even take for granted. To be able to freeze a moment in time in the form of a photo is incredible! They are one thing you’re able to keep & cherish forever & ever! To look back on going down memory lane & reminiscing your wedding night. To be able to organize a scrapbook with to show your kids years down the road & then your kids will show their kids & tell them “That’s grandma & grandpa when they were younger.”

I want to freeze those candid moments. They ones you didn’t even know were occurring until you look back on them. Every tear, every hug, the hand holds, the goosebumps on your arms when you see your other half in their suit or dress for the first time, the pure love in your eyes. I want it all!

For most of us, you only get married once in a lifetime. To your soulmate. The one you’ll cherish until your skin wrinkles. You want those timeless photos of a lifetime! Picking a photographer is such an important decision, so I want to make sure we are best for each other!

I LOVE love & I want to be the one who is your personal paparazzi ALL day long! I absolutely love meeting new couples & learning their love stories. How you guys met, the story of the proposal, what your love is all about, ALL OF IT! I’m serious! As a little gift to each of my couples who let me tag along to capture your “I Do’s”, you get a complimentary engagement session! This allows you guys to get free photos done for your save the dates, invites, & just straight up decor for your homes! It also allows me to meet you guys & learn about you guys before your big day, so all n all, it’s a win win for all of us! :)

I offer 3 different set packages with all sorts of coverage, six, eight, & ten hours! I am free range to making up a package that suites your day just for you though! I will keep your wedding date on hold for 1 week to allow time because I know how wedding planning is & the last thing I want you to feel is rushed!

I’m glad you’ve made it this far! So go ahead & send an inquiry by pressing the button below! I’m so so excited to hear from you & even quite possibly have the honor of working with you!!

Talk to you soon,

xoxo Saige